Path of No Way

The Path of No Way describes an immediate, spontaneous and continuous exploration of spiritual issues without beliefs, practices or rituals. It‘s specified as a ”no way“, because there are no prescribed forms we use.

The Path of No Way is also a series of learnings and confluences. Think of movement along this path as a boat moving on the water. We don‘t have to create the flow. We become one with the movement, when we don‘t think of ourselves as the boat but as part of the river itself.

The Path of No Way sees spirituality as a natural and emerging process. It‘s a relatively formless journey of spontaneity and consciousness. It emphasizes that wholeness, peace, happiness and freedom are felt experiences of a cosmic given and emerge from the state of universal Oneness that is our fundamental nature. Our invitation as spiritual beings is threefold: to understand the true nature of essential being and transcendental expression, to discover this singular reality in and through the physical world as an existential manifestation of a reflective universe, and to experience choiceless freedom as we move beyond suffering, confusion and complexity of all types.

The Path of No Way, also supports the transition from psychological issues to spiritual themes by examining who holds his/her I-dentity instead of allowing its gentle dissolution. We ask: Who fears the joy, happiness and love which is our fundamental nature?