Sayings from Stèphano

• “Love is confronting during the day, supporting late at night, and stillness when day and night are unimportant.”

• “If enough people were able to experience one-pointedness, then most of the world as we know it would cease to exist.”

• “Awareness has no short cuts – honesty is its only highway.”

• “Happiness is the experience of being at home with yourself, in your body, in your feelings, and in the world of meaningful love. We ask: “Is it time to come home?”

• “Happiness in the deepest sense is a state of ease and peace in which the heart is free and the mind is empty of “I”-thoughts.”

• “Of religion in general, we might say that belief is practiced where experience is wanting.”

• “What is spiritual can never be defined but must be personal research. Many are scared by this question and more frightened by an answer that might imply radical life change.”

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