Essential Inquiry (E.I.)

Evolving from and going beyond the tradition of Ramana Maharshi’s inquiry of ”who am I“, each person evolves in his/her own way a thread of personal investigation into deeper and deeper experiences of being. Essential Inquiry is a systematic exploration that may start anyplace. Yet it leads, if followed completely, to the death of illusions, excuses, worries and goals. Essential Inquiry asks us if we are open to the facts of who we are – without filters.

It invites us to examine what is real and what is illusion. It‘s also an inner examination of what makes us happy, feel joy or experience love. It insists we stay honest, focus on issues we‘d rather avoid and confront all of our dramas, denials and fears. Essential Inquiry becomes with practice an effective method of going beyond beliefs, excuses, images, patterns and fantasies about who we are essentially.

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