Support by Donation to Spirit of We

Dear Friends, is a web site of Stèphano‘s spiritual work and teachings. It presents the collection of his published works whether in book or video form. It also presents a video and audio selection that will keep growing and feature unpublished material in the future.

We are a small but dedicated group who want to support Stèphano‘s effort to elimante suffering by spiritual freedom. We would appreciate any help you could give us to realize this possibility for more people. Your generosity is needed to make this site grow in content and functionality. Contingent on your contributions are the site’s future possibilities:

• Develop the video and audio sections to achieve a complete and searchable library of all published audiovisual material.
• Make the site structure and content available in Spanish, French Italian, German and Japanese.
• Improve the site features to allow users to set up personal account with their favourite texts, quotes, videos, etc and share them with other users.
• Make possible the digitization of further text, video and audio material.
• Continue with the indexing of the full collection of Stèphano‘s work.

Your help with these plans would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Stèphano and Spirit of We