Sayings from Stèphano

• “A true spiritual aspirant needs to leave the ego donkey at the edge of new territory without forgetting what has been learned from its helpful processes.”

• “The ego of the past is not to be treated like an enemy who wants to conquer us, but a friend who doesn’t know how to say good-bye.”

• “(S)he who knows how to survive must also know how to die.”

• “To be an open-self requires recreating ourselves constantly from meaningfulness, information and the experience of chaos.”

• “Following correct positions isn’t essential spiritual research but an expression of a religious mind embedded in its dogma.”

• “If there were no ego or psychological self, we might have to invent words to describe the process of thinking, craving, attachment, etc..”

• “Essential nature can be understood as the fundamental quality of being.”

• “What we call rebirth is actually the repetition of our attachment to ego processes.”

• “When time is transcended, so is karma and its effects.”

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