Spiritual Challenge Today

These days appear different from any others, yet the processes are similar. Turbulence is not new to our world. It appears to be more intense because we are better informed. These disturbances have become media focal points. The deeper disturbance lies in our seperation from wholeness. Only when we are emotionally distant from one another do we abuse ourselves and the planet upon which we live. This is the fundamental issue that created all else. The extension of this division is conflict, struggle, suffering and war.

Our first challenge is to understand the dynamics of this process and help each other heal the wounds of the splitting. This means we need to come to our hearts. Love, especially transpersonal love, is necessary for healing these splits.

The second challenge we face is to confront our fear of peace. Many would like to have peace but are not yet ready to feel peace themselves. We often make the same mistake:”Everyone wants to get to heaven, but nobody wants to die.“ In other words, we have a certain end, but we aren‘t willing to accept the means. Consider all the conflicts within us. We disregard the messages of the body. We smoke, drink, eat to excess and engage in dangerous lifestyles. The inner attitude behind these actions is the same attitude behind the rationale for war on the outside.

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