Why is Identity Important?

The identity of who we are is a tacit acceptance of qualities and properties that we assume are our nature. We are what we identify with. Energetically an identity, meaning, ”the same,“ is a repetition of energy patterns. When those patterns become disturbed, we feel confused, disoriented and often lost. However, when we begin to examine in depth this identity and start to discover these patterns, we realize that our lives are ”more or less“ a reiteration of behaviours, thoughts, and feelings stored in memories. It‘s as if we live only from experiences and tendencies from the past. Little is new or fresh.

In some sense when the these patterns are well established, we experience a kind of identity termination. Many people are depressed or sad but can‘t put their finger on why that should be. At some level we have died, but we haven‘t gone to heaven! Unfortunately we feel stuck in a limbo world of responsibilities and tasks but very little deep excitement or joy at being alive – because we aren‘t.

Life without spirit is merely existence. While on the one hand, exploration of these facts opens up our fear; it also liberates us through a potential dissolution of our previous identity. Ego identity is a limited process with little expectation of a meaningful change. Spiritual identity, conversely, opens the door to the eternal with it‘s endless space and unlimited possibilities.

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