Body as Hindrance?

The Path of No Way sees the body as an important medium for energy processes, including transformation on the existential sphere. It serves as a sounding board for energy vibrations, and it gives us information about life messages, e.g. symptoms, and feedback about our feelings and health status. It helps to gather and distribute energy to maintain a healthy balance of incoming influences and outgoing effluences.

Without this medium, you would soon be overloaded. Spiritually speaking, everything serves a purpose. If the body were not important, why would we have one? Many of us don‘t often see the deeper meaning of these physical forms. Yet without them, spirit could not act. Considering that the compressed material of the body, according to science, is about the size of a mustard seed, there isn‘t much substance to it. So what is the body – a field of interactions.

The body serves as a ”personal“ microcosm in which we sense the entire physical world – its pains, conflicts, greed and sometimes pleasure and peace. When our focus is peace (shanti), the body becomes the epicenter of this tranquility. As such, it becomes the medium for calm in all our actions and relationships. In a sense, we sit, stand and sleep in the middle of serenity. The body is also the medium for sensing happiness and joy, both of which have a important implications for a spiritual path.

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