Happiness is the natural state and expression of being. The pure Self is joyful! There cannot be any arising of happiness because then there would be a cessation. True happiness is a “happening” of good fortune. It’s thus the spontaneous experience of things fitting in our lives. We might call such happenings “resonant and joyful e-merge-ncies.” It’s the innate consequence of being physically/mentally alive and spiritually awake – aware of the truths, which we perceive and allow through us. The person absorbed in happiness accepts his/her history and has found ways to love him/herself – allowing others to do the same.

The Path of No Way suggests that there is no need to seek happiness because it is our spiritual nature. We suggest: find out who has learnt to move away from ease, fullness, substantiality, joy, peace, a pure heart and the experience of perfection (i.e., completion). Happiness is the experience of being at home with yourself, in your body, in your feelings and in the world of meaningful love. We ask: “Is it time to come home?”

Happiness is a state of complete being, the deep acceptance and the enjoyment of space. We even feel happy when we see suffering as a learning moment,not to be pushed aside but seen from above and below as spiritual perspectives on wholeness. Even when happiness appears to “come and go,” its deeper sense is always present, though we don’t always see it because we tend to focus on what’s wrong in our lives. Our inquiry is: “Can there be a permanent happiness that’s a recognition of our essential nature?”

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