Is There a God?

Although the concept of God implies many things to people, the name God means, ”the invoked one.“ The illusion or truth of the Being we call to depends on the perspective of the caller. Those who believe in a God have the God they created. Nevertheless, God the person, the almighty Being, is a construct many have used to protect themselves from feelings of helplessness and injustice in the world. This is quite understandable. We so desperately want a figure to implore, to workship and to question when our vision of the world isn‘t fulfilled.

God is the ultimate projection screen for all our desires and hopes. If we look behind the facade, we see the field of God is the Spiritual Self, the Ultimate Truth – both of which have no form. However, there would be little sense in praying to Truth – who would respond? So we create an image in our own likeness and say ”God created us in His likeness“. We suggest everyone has to decide for him/herself if and how God exists.

Essential spirituality suggests that all preconceived ideas of this absolute state are ultimately deceptive, because they‘re not based on direct experience. Despite these different perspectives, it‘s important not to focus on that which seperates us but on the experience of some and the belief of many of this state of Oneness – no matter what we call it. In this way, Oneness becomes the common denominator that brings us all together.

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