From a larger perspective, all parts of the universe and its phenomena are interrelated. This contention is supported by current physics research, commonly called the Theory of Everything, which suggests that spiritual consciousness and physical energy fields manifest the same reality from different perspectives.

Where there is energy, there is consciousness, and so there is no such thing as “unconsciousness” often referred to in psychology. So-called unconsciousness is actually a reserve of coded experiences that haven’t been integrated into healthy ego functioning. We suggest further there is a Universal Field of Consciousness (U.F.C.) that governs all aspects of wholeness, the way physical nature governs and coordinates processes that keep the world in balance.

All that transpires is always in relation to this absolute field of wholeness – movements of nature like our spiritual paths. Its basis is a universal force we call life energy, a phenomenon that brings all things, people, and activities into motion – all of which shares an awareness of one another.

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