Choiceless Freedom

We describe spiritual liberation as choiceless freedom, because it‘s natural to our being. Choiceless freedom means we are no longer slaves to the limitations of the mind with its reasons, excuses and twisted machinations. It also means a release from conventional or bound thinking, because it‘s partial information is understood as imcomplete knowledge. In choiceless freedom we are distached from the individuals we have become with their built up personalities and need to be separate. We don‘t lose our uniqueness, yet we see it more as an important addition to the symphony of humankind.

In short, we become free of our own self-consciousness by losing the need to mirror ourselves in everything we do. When the fixation on this aritificial I dissolves, so too does the fear of life and death – both being understood as the continuation of the other. Choiceless freedom allows us to live fully and die peacefully. Where there is no beginning, there is no end. And where there is no end, there is no limit. Hence, no conflict is possible.

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