Resonant Synvolution

Put simply, this theory uniquely explains how life and learning continue after death. We suggest that karma and rebirth are best understood as energy, information and consciousness phenomena that are mitigated through energy field influences. When the physical body begins to decay, it releases free energy from its bound state on its return to an universal pool for further usage. The learnings and consciousness we have experienced in this lifetime are then made available for current and future processes through energy resonance phenomena. When waves between people and processes are of a similar frequency, we refer to them as being in resonance or attunement. With respect to systemic health, these resonances may be manifest as sympathy, harmony, peace, love, or healing, depending on the energy level affected.

With regard to learning we receive the information, the parents and processes that are important for our development on this planet. Resonant synvolution is the simultaneous experience of uplifting and grounding resonances through the expression of free energy flow. What information activates which person(s) depends on unique and universal needs of the moment.

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