Is Thinking Necessary?

Thinking is an abstraction that pulls us away energetically from our belly. It divides us into components by emphasizing a mental or rational part that creates a ratio or fixed relation between the head and the rest of the body. This creates an attitude of superiority over the lower body functions – such as feelings. It also supports the illusion that the ego is the most important part of us. When we say I, we don‘t reflect on the implications of what this actually means. Yet when we point to ourselves, it‘s generally in the heart region of the body.

We don‘t criticize thought but suggest it‘s generally very limited. We also don‘t need to banish thought, but we need to be aware of its pitfalls. Many people have become ”thinking entities.“ This occurs because they are frightened of returning to the ”feeling beings“ they once were, and even more importantly, the ”conscious beings“ they may become.

When you organize your life through a split process, everything you do can only be divided as well. How can you do anything whole when you‘re working only with pieces? Would you try to fix a defective door with broken tools? Would you try to help your son or daughter with a problem if you were only half-hearted? That‘s the problem with split thinking.

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