Surrender and Wholeness

Spiritual surrender means we are ready and willing to yield, in its complete extension, the person we think we are to the being we actually are. After all, this person is only a composite of ideas, memories, attitudes and behaviors. Just as pouring water out from a pitcher allowes a field of emptiness to appear, as we cede the psychological self the spiritual Self emerges. In a sense, the vacuum created by the letting go process leaves a personal emptiness but prepares us for a transpersonal fullness. This state we call the replete void.

Wholeness is the basic organizing principle of the universe that brings harmony, order and integration through the medium of life energy. The wholeness principle suggests that everything by nature is round, even if imperfect – the universe we are born into, the society we participate in and the body we inhabit. When any aspect of wholeness dissolves, another factor replaces it. This is the wholeness principle in action.

The levels of wholeness are interconnected in a web of mutually sustaining completeness – though on different levels of energy. Our surrender to this oneness is spiritual freedom.

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