Sayings from Stèphano

• “According to resonant synvolution, karma is only applicable to individuals who see themselves as identifying with body, mind, actions, and thoughts.”

• “In this process (meditation), we remember what our hearts are for – to act wholeheartedly, to laugh heartily, and to surrender ourselves in love.”

• “Beauty is the emptiness of mind, when all duality ceases and every moment is complete – just as it is.”

• “Where there is movement there is hope – and all things are in movement.”

• “Duality is simply complex oneness.”

• “Oneness acts as a beacon of light and an anchor of gravity that draws us to itself.”

• “We are caught in an ego swamp. Our only salvation is to identify with the solution, i.e., the source outside of the “I” – and not the problem.”

• “We are students and IT (the spirit) is the teacher.”

• “We need not seek truth; it reveals itself to us, as we are ready for it.”

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