Sayings from Stèphano

• “Essential Spirituality is any quality, endeavor, feeling or practice that connects us locally and non-locally with our essential nature as we experience and transcend the physical world and all its attachments.”

• “The only worthy freedom is the liberation from everything – there is no partial freedom.”

• “Where there is no conceptual discrimination, there is no divisive mind and no ego to disturb spontaneous actions.”

• “Where there is splitting there is fear; where there is fear there is separation and conflict.”

• “If bound thinking gives birth to the ego, then letting go of this thinking leads to ego death.”

• “The ego is the know-it-all of an “I” religion.”

• “Making the ego and its functions a scapegoat for all that hinders our spiritual path is like blaming a glass, with its limited capacity to pour water, because it isn’t a sprinkler system.”

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